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The duo of sao paulo Avenoar released this Friday (the 24th), the band A New Daycomes with lyric video. The new album goes by the name of the unreleased track as well as five other tracks that are already well-known by the general public. This is available on all digital platforms for the ONErpm.

Released in the middle of last year, Carol Fincatti and Gabriel Dellilo they have engaged in each and every one of the tracks, some of them with the clips, which came as a surprise to the audience, always coming up with great themes of daily life, such as in the The Rain and Before I Sleep and the criticism of the present, such as an intensified use of social networks in the This Song Is Just For Me (That’s Selfish I Am).

Avenoar releases, the band

Each and every one of the tracks that had a particular job in the production and launch of the start of 2019 at the latest, and that mark different moments in the life experience of the duo: “It’s lovely to look back and see the growth that has happened up to the release of this EP. It’s lovely to vent through the music. It causes the weight to become a lot more easy to carry around. When someone listens to and identifies with, is the epitome of the word “success” means to both of us. Let it be an EP from a duo to an album for all to hear, enjoy, and share with others. After all, as I told a friend, ” what is real is worth it in itself, to touch another person’s art, it’s that,’”declare Carol Fincatti.

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In addition to this, work has been initiated in rio in 2016, until it came to the design of the release of this EP: “We know the struggle it has been to be able to do all of this in the best way possible. Lots and lots of nights of work, sweat, tears, and dreams come true. It’s a mix of memories and achievement. A movie playing in your head from 2016 up to now. What I can say for sure is that every single second of the track, the video and the website in general has a lot of care, love and dedication”complete Dellilo.

A new Day it marks the end of the first cycle of the Avenoar and it starts by opening the door to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, as they all say.

Check it out lyric video the A New Day: