Cenapop · the Father of Britney Spears wins court case against a blogger, the creator of the campaign, #FreeBritney


The father of the Britney Spears, Jamieearned a victory in court against the move #FreeBritney – I asked for the performer to retrieve their rights over their personal lives, and finances.

Jamie, who was the guardian of the life and career of Britney after the “breakdown” suffered by her in 2008, was carried out Anthony Eliato write on the blog Absolute Britney and it’s touted as one of the first to come out with a campaign like this. The web site TMZ has reported that Jamie won the court case in court, who ordered Elia to stop talking negatively about your business.

Ever since she received custody of Britney and Jamie have complete control over your financial decisions and a career out of it. He gets a salary, which comes from the fortune of an artist to do this. As a result, it has been receiving a lot of criticism from fans for her over the years.

Recently, however, the criticisms have increased in size and gave rise to the movement of #FreeBritney, who had the media back in April of this year – at a time when Britney was admitted to a hospital in the centre of the recovery. Members of the campaign have speculated that she has been admitted to a hospital against his or her will, and they have created a hashtag.

The TMZ reported that, in the process, as Jamie has stated that the move is based on the fake news stories, and blog posts-created by Anthony Elia, who left public opinion against the father of the artist. According to the texts of Elia sparked a series of death threats against Jamie oliver and the other contributors to the secretary of state.

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Handling charges

For the duration of the whole motion #FreeBritney, Elia has used his internet blog to accuse Jamie of to handle the social media for Britney, in a way that made it look like she needed help.

In one of the posts, the blogger stated emphatically that Jamie oliver has deleted comments that are positive in your posts of your daughter, so that the negative would be highlighted and come to the help of the public to stand by him in keeping the secretary of state.

In the campaign, although it has decreased in size, it still has a lot of followers that believe in you Britney, you need to get rid of the “claws” of the secretary of state. This week, the hit was Sam Asghariboyfriend of the performer. Two years ago, he had shared on his account in Instagram is a montage made by a fan, who posed as the president of the United States of america.

The original post was talking about the move, and argued for greater freedom for Britney to decide on your destination and personal finance. “Did you know that Britney does not drive your own car, or you can select the lawyer who has to defend in court. Even so, she would have to pay for the attorney, his guardian (his father) play for her. FreeBritney,” said the text at the time.