Check out all the films that were shown in the Globe at this Sunday’s (26th)


Long Gareth Edwards inspired by the monster, the most famous of the pop culture Godzilla it is the highlight of the schedule to the Rede Globo this Sunday (the 26th). The film, which will be displayed at the 13h36brings Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in the lead roles.

In the evening, the station broadcasts In the Shadow of the Enemycreated by Tyler Perry’s and Matthew Fox, The S. W. A. T. – Special Commandwith Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrelland The Droppedwith Sam Huntington and Noel Clarke.

Check out the synopsis and the schedule of the screenings below:

13h36 – Maximum operating Temperature – Godzillawith Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen:

  • Joe Brody, has created the child alone after the death of his wife in a car accident at the nuclear power plant where they both worked, Japan. He never accepted the disaster, and then, 15 years later, still mulling over what had happened, trying to find an explanation. Ford Brody, now an adult, has been a soldier in the american army and must fight desperately to save the world’s people – especially his family – the giant, unwavering and incredibly scary monster Godzilla

23h23 – Sunday the Most – In the Shadow of the Enemywith Tyler Perry’s and Matthew Fox:

  • Alex Cross is a famous detective who works in Washington, dc. When you know that a family member has been murdered, he begins to investigate the case. Soon, she finds out that other people had been killed by the same serial killer, Michael Sullivan, who always sends a bloody message to him. The Cross promises, then, is to capture it at any cost, even if it means crossing the limits of the law

0h54 – Cinemaço – The S. W. A. T. – Special Commandwith Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell:

  • In Los Angeles, california, is a veteran sergeant of the S. W. A. T. is tasked with rescuing the image of the unit, to be shaken by the failure to prevent the injury of a hostage during a bank robbery. To this end, it brings together the best team possible to capture a drug dealer, and the frenchman ran away after you deliver to us $ 100 million for his release

2h28 – Owl – The Droppedwith Sam Huntington and Noel Clarke:

  • The famous hacker Drew Reynolds is, in short, which is captured by the central intelligence agency, after a series of actions against the system. It is a proposition hard to digest: – or offers his works for the agency, or should they spend the rest of his life in prison. The CIA, together with other prisoners, and form a kind of a group “dropped” from the system
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