Chris Evans is a top-rated film-with the director of Doctor Strange


Chris Evans can be the star of the new feature from director Scott Derrickson. According to Variety magazine, the director of “Doctor Strange” (2016) will produce a film set in the Bermuda Triangle, and Evans is being tipped for the lead role.

At Skydance, which is responsible for the production, and is currently working to finish the project on time, and you want spider-man in the lead role. Derrickson should be working on a rewrite of the script, and to take the chair, the executive producer of the film.

Chris Evans looks for new ways of career after end of their journey, such as captain Steve Rogers in “Avengers: Ultimatum”. The character of Evans has participated in the major productions of the franchise, “the Avengers” from the Marvel universe.

Derrickson will work on the first movie, since it has been cut out of the stream of Doctor Strange (in the Style of Madness (Dr. Strange into the Real in the Crazy, in a free translation), way back in January. It has come to producing an episode of the television series “Into the Dark: to My Valentine”, in the service to stream on Hulu, but nothing in the film ever since.

The new movie should be called “the Bermuda still does not have a date for the premiere.

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