Chris Evans on the TV! Here’s the pictures of the star of the Upcoming Deadline on the new number


After the Upcoming Deadline, the career of Chris Evans to be recalled as Captain America in the Marvel comics, you’re busy. The actor has already starred in one film, Among the society of jesus, and now will launch his own TV series.

The player is in the Defending Jacob, a new production of the Apple TV+. The first images of the new series are now available.

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Chris Evans does not appear to have any great change in the look. In fact, he’s looking like the Avengers: Infinite War, when he had grown a beard.

Check it out below.

In addition, Chris Evans (Upcoming Deadline), and the cast also includes Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), ‘jaeden Martell’s (IT’S a Thing), and J. K. Simmons (Spider-Man).

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In the series, the star of Marvel’s is Andy Barber, a legal assistant in a small town in Massachusetts (USA), rocked by a shocking crime. The crime, it is difficult for the community to deal with and even worse to Play.

The son of 14 years old for the character, and Chris Evans is the main suspect in the murder. The plot promises to be good times for the family.

Immediately in the opening game, Defending Jacob, who will launch the 3-series. The series arrives on April 24th, Apple+ TV, which is now available in Brazil.

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