Chris Pratt auditioned for Captain America to Guardians of the Galaxy”


Chris Pratt/Spider-Man
A photo of Chris Pratt by Gage Skidmore

When it comes to Captain Americainevitably we see it Chris Evans. The actor has immortalized the hero on the big screen, but the story could have been very different — at least if you were up to Chris Pratt.

The actor, who eventually would take on the role of the Lord of the Stars in Guardians of the Galaxyit would have initially done on a trial for a living Steve Rogers. Supposedly, the thing is it did not happen, because it has been classified as a “dumb” too.

Who is this By Sarah Morristhe director of the ensemble cast of Marvel’s, and that because of this perception, he dealt with the resistance to convince the director of the James Gunn for that, Pratt was the right guy to embody Peter Quill.

The story is that both Pratt and Gunn did not have an interest in the partnership, but this girl has a thing to happen. She was convinced by the actor and then again with the director in 20 seconds, she realized that she was right and that Chris was the best choice for the film. Here’s the story below for more details (in English):

Chadwick Boseman as Drax?

The casting director even told me, in a recent interview with the Disney+on the other, “almost”.

Chadwick Bosemanthat he was the Black Panthershould have done a test of the role of the Drax the Destroyer. Sarah said that Boseman “he was acting like a king” during his performance as Drax — the one that doesn’t have anything to do with the character of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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However, the hearing was to show that it would be the perfect place to live for the king, the T-Challa. See you in the chat room (in English), along with the scenes of the trial of the Chadwick for the role of Drax: