Chris Pratt throws store at Amazon com the accessories of the fitness to favorites


Chris Pratt sheds shop on Amazon with your favorite accessories and fitness

The actor, who has gone through a transformation, a physical giant, over the last few years, and want to help others get in the way.

Actor Chris Pratt, known for playing Peter Quill in the saga of the “Guardians of the Galaxy“ has just launched a shop on Amazon where you can purchase your accessories from the gym to favorites. Many of these enhancements have been instrumental in the battle of the actor against the excess weight. It is important to remember that the u.s. has gone through a tremendous physical transformation over the past few years.

Well-known by its high bod, it was decided to lose the weight when they initially rejected him for the role of Scott Hatteberg (a’s player of baseball in “Moneyball“) because it is too fat. That “no” has become the biggest incentive to get back in shape. The result: they lost about 37 pounds and ended up getting the role. Now that you have your body fit it’s a place of inspiration for men all over the world.

The before-and-after.

From the 3rd of December, it is now possible to purchase a variety of equipment, gadgets and clothing, is recommended by a Hollywood star. At the same time, this is a mini-store that has been created on Amazon, you will help the sales platform to promote donations to a few charities.

“Being active is about more than just getting fit for the physical and mental benefits that go beyond the physical body. It has everything to do with the set goals and stick to them, you can read it on the page.

There, you will find shoes from Adidas, Puma shorts, add-ons, and Amazon Elements, the socks from Under Armour and watch the Garmin.

Click on the photo gallery to view some of the proposals of the store, Chris Pratt on Amazon which can be delivered to the Uk.

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