Coronavirus: Gal Gadot is leading the video of the celebs sing ‘Imagine’


“Wonder Woman” joins several celebrities who went into quarantine voluntarily

Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell, Amy Adams, Jamie Dornan, Sarah Silverman, Maya Rudolph, Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal are some of the names are joined by Gal Gadot for the implementation of a “cover“music.”Imagine“by John Lennon.

The video, which already has 2 million views on Instagram, it was created to boost morale at a time in which the coronaviruses (Covid-19) continues to infect people throughout the world. In addition to the video, the actress is an israeli wrote the following: We’re all in this together and we will overcome this together…. Let’s say it together. To sing with us.”.”

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