Coronavirus: Kylie Jenner gives tips on how to have fun in quarantine.

Kylie Jenner (Instagram/Playback)

She explained that in order to hide the pregnancy from the Stormi prepared you for this moment

Kylie Jenner took advantage of the platform with the giant, to take counsel from the law on the social isolation caused by the pandemic coronavirus.

The manager – who used it as the basis for the next 9 months, she kept the secret about the pregnancy. Stormi why don’t you leave the house – was the importance of just getting out of the home in cases of extreme necessity.

“If you please, to stay in their homes. The practice of social isolation, and quarantine. If you think of your parents, you don’t want to leave them very sick. You may be infected, and infect other people. It is very serious. And it’s the only way to contain the problem with that is that if we do that. No one is immune, there is no cure. Millennials are not immune. The new evidence is, in fact, shows that a good portion of the people who are in hospitals are young people,” she said.

As a pastime, Ky is suggested to do a day in the spa, read books, watch movies, cook, and even play a game of jigsaw puzzle: “Being at home is fun!!! You can enjoy this at home, folks. We can do this together.”. Cute, isn’t he?

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