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In the first of a series of Sophie Turner, after the Game of Thrones (2011-2019) was released last Monday (6th) on streaming-rookie Quibi, a sort of Netflix is that it only works on mobile devices. But the drama is to Survive he has received harsh criticism from the american press, which called the production “irresponsible”. Why they used such a strong word like that?

Based on a book of the same name, another century’s episode follows the young Jane’s Room (Sophie), are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and has suicidal tendencies. And the attraction doesn’t count the cost of words to explain who she is. The inside of a house of recovery, where she has lived for about a year, and she said to shave her legs with a razor, “If I could, I would kill right now.”

After the marks on her body, caused by self-mutilation, are shown in detail with the alignment of the camera. The series shows scenes from the flashback of when Jane tried to kill themselves in fact, a real blood-bath.

Although the health care they need to notify you in the beginning of the episode, which will show scenes that some may find disturbing, including that of mental illness, and suicidal thoughts”, these words do not ease even a little of how explicit the drama that is in this area. Is 13 Reasons Why, from the Series, is a Workout in-so-innocent.

This has led to Emily’s “expert” review on the site, you Start to be positive: “, A series of the most irresponsible that I’ve ever seen.” In her view, to Survive “it’s painstaking instructions of self-mutilation, and suicide, in a way that makes it be sort of attractive.”

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The vastly experienced Brian Lowry, in AFRICA, went straight to: “far and away [Survive] this is the worst series in the book of Quibi [pronuncia-se cuibi]”. Kathryn VanArendonk, the Vulture, set up the game: “Honestly, I don’t know what’s more frustrating: a reckless, suicidal ideation, or for the pedants of the scenes from the flashback.

Vehicles are the most prestigious in the american media have also echoed this analysis. Time magazine, in a text signed by Judy Derman, said that “the show is, intentionally or not, and if esbalda in the aesthetics of a bloody suicide”. Already in the However, the to journalist, Caroline Framke, has ruled that the health care they need it is “wandering into their cliché. [suicidas] non-toxic.”

Having said that, they are all almost in one accord to bring out that Sophie interprets very well the role that was given to him. A woman is very different from the sly Quick, which is at the end of the HBO series, the award-winning history, it was not so avoada.

And the worst part is that all this heavy-duty Models is right at the beginning, in the first two episodes, it will only scare off the curious who want to see the actress in a different role. In the third chapter, a series of changes to the face and it’s a classic story of survival (hence the title of the production).

It gets to be kind of ironic. Jane is on a plane coming out of the recovery center, and going all the way back to the house. They stole several medications from the institution, and it is decided: you are going to die of a drug overdose in the bathroom of the plane.

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When she’s seconds from taking his own life, and the plane passes by and hits it on the mountain. Only she and one other passenger lived-by Corey Hawkins) alive. She wanted to die, and now will do anything to survive.

On the platform, Quibi, you can watch the series with the cell in the vertical (Non-NTV)

How to sign up for the Quibi

The Quibi has been launched in the last second (6th), and can be accessed by it, but with one small detail: for the moment, there’s no voice acting or subtitles in the Portuguese language. Only the original audio (English) and subtitles in Spanish, at the most.

You can also download the app from the store of the operating system of the mobile device. With the us dollar at times, it is good to prepare your pocket, because your monthly fee is R$ 32,90, the ad-free version. But it is more expensive than a direct conversion to the u.s. dollar: in the us, the cost is US$ 8 (US$ 41). Unless the evil that there is in a trial period free of charge over three months ago.

You can see all the series with the cell in a standing (upright) or lying down (horizontally), and a very interesting experience, and the Quibi has been designed to revolutionise the market in an entertaining way, with short episodes, which are no more than ten minutes to complete.

The idea is that subscribers can watch from the platform, taking advantage of the spaces in the spare time during the day, especially in an urban environment, and in the pauses of work, or education, for example.

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Almost the whole of the planet Earth, inside the home, or at a quarantine due to the wake of the coronavirus, it could not be worse than launching a service with this in mind.