Critique of season 12 of Doctor Who


One of a series of science-fiction’s most important in the history of television Doctor Who it has a troubled history when it comes to the exchange of showrunners. At the beginning of the revivalin 2005, for example, Russell T. Davies and his team came into conflict with the protagonist Christopher Ecclestonwho left the show after only one season. Years later, Steven Moffat he took the job, but it took more than a year in order to establish the relationship of the Doctor Matt Smith with his companions, Amy (Karen Gillanand GeorgeArthur Darvill) in the year 2011.

New show runner, Chris Chibnall it was not the exception to the rule. In its first year, and by 2018, the producer, and the writer has ignored a large part of the past Doctor Who in order to establish a universe that was completely unknown to Jodie Whittaker, The 13th Doctor and the first woman to be over 55 years old in the series to take on the lead role. For a more colorful and more entertaining than it has been, for the 11th season, has faced some obstacles in the companions without an identity, and a Doctor, whose characterization seemed to be just a generic version – while smiling – that has already been interpreted by the Church. Thankfully, Chibnall, Whittaker, and The BBC they are not immune to the criticism and went back to a new season with the most intriguing and full of references to the universe Whovian.

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Starting from the work of Whittaker and his characterization of the Doctor is in his version of the optimistic, and full of shine presented in the previous off-season continues to be intact, even though the actress is able to navigate without difficulty among the comedy and the drama, when you need it. The return of the enemy of old, such as the Master’s degreeSacha Dhawanof Iron fistand the Cybermen, to create tension a lot more direct than that given in the 11th grade, leaving the main character is paranoid, and become to overprotective of her companions, Yas (Mandip Gil), RyanTosin Coleand Graham, (Bradley Walsh).

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This concern has given more personality to your Doctor Whittaker, and it has enabled her to create her own version of the Lord of the Time, the more three-dimensional, and less and less supported by the performance of Smith as the 11th Doctor. This is also reflected in the development of his or her family. While Yas was left out in the last year, the police get more space, and it shows a significant evolution in the course of the ten episodes, shown from the very beginning in the year 2020. Ryan went from being a boy to be pessimistic, presented in the “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” and it turned out to be a adventurer, born in “Spyfall” opening a bright 12th of the season. Graham continues to be overflowing charisma, but gains more a personality in the challenge with the help of the Doctor when she refuses to talk about the past.

Who is shining this season, but he is the Master of Dhawan. Even in the present, there are only four episodes, and the actor brings a flamboyant personality, worthy of the character, merging with the dark, threatening to Roger Delgadothe madness of the John Simm and with the unpredictable nature of the Michelle Gomez. The return of the weapon is a classic of the character of the canceling, by the compression of the tissue (ECA), and also, you’re welcome, and it was the icing on the cake is the Master of Dhawan, who has used the device for miniaturization, without mercy, much to the delight of the fans of the seasons of the original.

TCE is not the only element of the classic series to give you guys for the first time in the twenty-first century. Entertainment as well as a connection to the mind of the Doctor to the Master, who communicate with each other for the first time, for a fight for decades, and the new design of the Cybermen, which combines the elements of a cyborg, faced with the 4th DoctorTom Bakerin the 1970s, with the most modern, as seen for the last time in the fall of 2017, with the Lord of Time, experienced by the Peter Capaldiare the fan-service a very well thought-out and well-incorporated into their respective story lines. Other references to the minor in dialogue at a distance as the fight between the Doctor and the Master, which resulted in a fourth, the regeneration of the series, and the “allergy” of the cyborg, the silver, the gold, and also they give good moments to the fans, the oldest of the Doctor Whoalmost as a sign of Chibnall’s one of the fandoms the most dedicated in the world of pop.

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The other thing that makes the eyes of all the fans here is to see, in the last episode of season two, the TARDIS brand new leaf aterrissarem for the first time on the Earth. Unlike the first Doctor of the new models that are in their circuit-chameleon-tact, thus allowing the group to come to Sheffield, England, and disguised as a simple tree or a house, typical of the residential areas of the city. Easter eggs as such, even though done for the fans that came with Doctor Whofrom at least 2005, adds even more charm to the season, which has already benefited from the charisma of his cast and walking without the major stumbling blocks to quality.

On the whole, the ten episodes of this season-12 to form an the harvest was good, in spite of the precipitous drop in quality “Orphan of 55” the third chapter in the new year. Generic and bland, and the episode did not have any effect at all on the season, and luckily, it’s followed by the great double-winning campaignNikola Tesla”s Night of Terror” and – “Fugitive-of-The-Judoon” as you pull the wire for the biggest plot twist in a more than 50-year history of the Doctor Who.

Another slight blemish on the 12th of the season, which was partially offset by the creativity of the writers, is that it has passed almost completely into the Ground. While providing interesting encounters, such as the already mentioned Nikola Tesla and the writer, Mary Shelley, and the lack of change in the landscape seems to Chibnall and his team wanted to maintain security, at least at the location since it is in the heart of the new year, and that puts the Doctor at the heart of the origin of the Gentlemen of the Time, it can cause extreme reactions in the audience.

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Unlike last season, when the show runner he chose not to touch on the legacy of the Doctor Who to avoid offending the fans, by the 12th grade, completely changed the the status quo several characters, including the protagonist. Chibnall, Whittaker and the rest of the people involved in the production who gave a lot in the construction of this new story, which, although controversial, she explains, in her own way, various “holes” that are created in the course of the years in the series. In addition to being a risk, that the new season is not yet handed over to the less than nine beautiful and the episodes are worthy of being reassistidos the news, with references to the classical era, or the wonderful, although brief, the participation of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). Came Chibnall, and 13 with a Doctorate cravaram from time to time to his place in the history of the Doctor Who.