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The disclosure

With several projects currently in development, and the The DC Films still a hype in the media today. And, of course, re-emerged on the comments about your projects on the Cat Woman the Adam Black.

In a recent interview with the web site Comic Book Movieshe Alexandra Daddario (In True Detective, and The Thief of the Lightning) ended up going back to talk to you about the possibility of getting involved in the movies are heroes.

At that time, it has been questioned whether he knew that some of the fans of DC, they would like to see her as a Woman-Cat, thus showing the animation, with the possibility of getting involved in a universe of cinema, in the genre:

“Oh!” In fact, I didn’t know that. This is so cool! It is, of course, that I’d love you to join me at any of the cinematographic universe. I think the bills are very, very, very nice. I think they will do great things for the careers of the people, and it’s always fun to be in a big movie like this. I don’t like to think a lot about the role before you go for a hearing, or that it is something that I’ve been working on. I don’t like to invest too much on things that I don’t have it, but of course it would be silly of me to say, ‘No, this is not something I want to do. I think it’s pretty cool, and I’m thankful to the fans for thinking of me!”

She was then questioned, and then on the other DC’s, in this case, the Adam Blackthat will be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the main character. The same then has made it clear that I would love to work with you with the star of the action films once again, and toparia to participate in the life:

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“One more time, of course. It would be stupid of me to say no. I just love working with Dwayne, I love you, your team, and these are the projects that we have done together have been incredibly fun to play. I’ve had some great movies, a few times, and I think it’s pretty cool. The sets are really cool, and I love to change the world, and I love all of those things. It is fun and exciting. Of course, that would be great, but then again, it’s hard to think of something that you don’t already have, if that makes any sense.”

It should be noted that the Cat Woman to be in the movie The Batmanthat will be addressed by the Matt Reeves and is given by Robert Pattinson.

In turn, the name of the Daddario has always had a presence, the more intense rumors about the character Zatannaincluding several pictures made by the fans.

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About the movie Adam and Black

The project will feature the actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the title character, as the film’s Jaume Collet-Serra(The Jungle Cruise) it has been confirmed recently as a director. In addition, recent rumors claim that the plot must consist of characters such as Hawk-Eagle Black-Crushing Átamo and Stargirl.

The character will be played by The Rock, it would be first introduced to the DC Universe over the film’s land of Shazam!. However, after some time, the film’s field was announced. In turn, Adam Szytkiel he is responsible for the roadmap of the project.

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More information about the project Adam Black they should be available soon.

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