Demi Lovato has been dating the actor Max Ehrich, a series called “the Young and the Restless,” says the web site


By the looks of it Demi Lovato is no longer single. In accordance with the site’s Name. News, the singer has been dating the actor Max Ehrich, a series called “the Young and the Restless”.

According to a source at the journal, and the two even reportedly moving in together in this time of social isolation due to prevention of a coronavirus. “Demi and Max are looking at a few weeks ago. She is doing the vault together at the home of Demi, and it’s been going really well.”

“Max, this is very much connected to the music, and health, and is not a partier. He is a good influence on her, and the two have a lot in common,” continued the source. “They’ve got a few friends in common, but the Rt is showing the Max to your friends via Facetime, as they are in quarantine. It’s all very new, but they definitely are getting out and seeing where it will lead. They spend a lot of time together, but I wouldn’t say that it’s an exclusive relationship just yet.”

To the Max, and Demi had been interacting much on social networks, and raise the suspicions of the fans after the singer has dropped a song in a photo of the actor in which he appears without a shirt, saying that he should have brought more clothing for the stay in the host state. “It’s great for me,” said Demi, he got a heart in return.

On Tuesday (24th), Eric has also posted stories on her Instagram hugging what appeared to be a dog of a performer.

Demi Lovato

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