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The English model Demi Rose celebrated Valentine’s day, and once more put her head to the social networks. Some days ago it caught the attention of their millions of followers to show a shocking lingerie of white lace, more now made to share in Instagram who would have spent this special day, because from that ended her romance with the DJ Chris Martinez of The Martinez Brothers’, they all want to know who it is that has stolen your heart.

Using your Instagram Storiesthe 24-year old man initiated on the 14th of February with a special image that shows a Polaroid camera, and the background has a beautiful view; however, it was the message that called more the attention. “Reunited with my number 1” is what is seen with three hearts in red and black.

The publication of Demi Rose also has mentioned to his mysterious companion. It is Danny Santosthe photographer in charge of each one of his nudes and pictures of infarction.

The spectacular Demi Rose is ready to celebrate Valentine's day. (Photo: Instagram)
The spectacular Demi Rose is ready to celebrate Valentine’s day. (Photo: Instagram)

Although the model has not mentioned in which part of the world is, everything indicates that it is London, the place that is his great friend, such as what you have registered in your account Instagram.

One of the more recent photographs that we took Danny Santos to Demi Rose the sample inside a bath in Tunisia and wearing a sensual lingerie, as well as a sort of mantle, a native of the place hanging on his arms.

Red passion Valentine’s day

If a few days turned to the white lingerie for a warm-up prior to Valentine’s day, February 14th, the thing was changed and now it is the passion red the chosen color. A new posting on Instagram has left more than one breathless and utterly glued to the screen of your cell phone.

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And that is Demi Rose published a small photo shoot done by Danny Santos where your derrier gets all the attention, in addition to wear a close-fitting joint and a rose in his hand.

Sensual picture prior to Valentine’s day

For this February 14, Demi Rose he did sigh in advance to his 13 million followers Instagram with an image of a heart attack. In she appears posing standing in front of the camera with a sexy lingerie of white lace combined with its perfect reflection in the mirror.

To fall in love with him even more to his fans, the English picked up his hair and made that one a few tufts will be looking over their shoulders, something that made her see even more sensual.

The publication, which is to point out it was made from Los Angeles, California, raised the temperature and made her sigh to his fans in the pre – Valentine’s Day, date in which we celebrate love and, judging by what was written by many of them, there are more than one who dreams of this goddess of the Internet.

Video with apology including

Demi Rose also it became news viral some days ago to send a message of apology in one of their publications, why? Is that the sexy model uploaded a recording made in Ibiza, Spain, in which he displays his charms while walking down a street in the island wearing a sarong transparent, exposing the elegant thong that highlights their toned attributes, the fruit of his hard work in the gym.

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“I’m sorry (girls) if their boyfriends are watching”, is the text that accompanies the video where her stunning figure caught the attention of millions of his followers in Instagram.



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