Disney will not let Tom to Holland to watch the film before the premiere to avoid spoilers


Tom Holland told me that Disney doesn’t let him watch the “Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey” due to its history, revealing the previous productions, which have already participated in, such as “Spider-Man: Far away from Home.”

The actor revealed this during an interview on “Good Morning America.” “I still haven’t watched it,” said Holand. In the following, the Chris Pratt of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said, “They didn’t leave Tom’s to watch, and they know that it’s going to give you spoilers.

Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, dublam the brothers Lightfoot, in the new animation from Pixar. The film is set in a world of fantasy, inhabited by elves, unicorns, goblins, and centaurs, and shows the relationship between the parents and the children.

“The two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey” was premiered last night in Brazil.

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