Dwayne Johnson will not return for Fast & Furious and the fans will sadden


Fast & Furious 9
The Logo of the Fast & Furious 9 and in the trailer for the new film (Picture: Playback / YouTube – Universal Pictures Brasil)

The trailer of the movie Fast & Furious 9 come up with at the end of the month of January, and has left a lot of people excited. However, a large portion of the fans are just grieving in the knowledge that the actor Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) did not return to the franchise. At least not for this movie, just based on the information of his death.

In an interview with MTV news, he said: “I won’t be in the Fast & the Furious 9, but do I get it on the tenth because we have a settlement of accounts between Hobbs and Dom. Information for off-book provided in advance of this interview, you already were aware that the actor would not be returning to this point. That’s why, when it has been confirmed that the return of Dwayne Johnson to V&T, the ninth-a film that was already in progress.

And, because of the close proximity of the development works, in accordance with information that is off-book, it has not been possible to bring out the actor in the ninth movie, which hits theaters on may 20th. On top of that, the other information is off-book account of the fact that this departure from The Rock of the franchise, which led to his absence now, it has occurred because of a misunderstanding between Vin Diesel and him.


Now, it seems that everything is correct. The return of Johnson, it was already taken for granted since the time that the actor has used his official profile on the social network Instagram to say thank you for the support from Vin Diesel in the movie, Hobbs, & Shaw’s success at the box office. In the video, the actor called Vin Diesel’s “brother”, and he said that he would see soon enough.

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“I just want to say thank you to all the staff. Do you have the Hobbs, & Shaw, is a huge, global success at the box office. And you guys have helped to expand the world of the Fast and the Furious. […] And, last but not least, I want to thank my brother, Vin [Diesel] for their support of the film. […] And, of course, all roads connecting us… See you in the near future, top to bottom:”he said.

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