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A Second Chance for Love’ brings the star of ‘Game of Thrones’ rocked, pro-the songs of George Michael

Those who go to the cinema to watch the “Second Chance for Love” and was hoping for a romantic comedy, british, à la Hugh Grant, then you may be disappointed. Even for those of you who come in the name of Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh, is a reference to the “Rotten Rich”), one of the best comedies of the last few days. To begin with, the film is written by Emma Thompson and directed by Paul Feig, this is not a romantic comedy.

So, without giving away spoilers, it’s safe to say that in the text, it is smart to immerse the viewer in the first half an hour, in a comedinha romantic, well, ordinary, the girl is the rebel and Kate or Katharina, how do you like the mother, played by Emilia Clarke, and the mysterious Tom, lived in by Henry Golding. There are, of course, plenty of chemistry between the actors. Interesting, they fascinate, and they do live up to the best couple of movies of this genre.

Gradually, however, the story is gaining back some of the tone, especially when it’s Michelle Yeoh is in the picture. She’s a Saint, a woman, who has a store with objects for the decoration of christmas – most of them pretty cheesy, in the case it works. Emma Thompson is also fun to embody Petra’s mother, Kate, is a croat, you don’t see it in London at his house. And, in-between, “A Second Chance for Love” begins to address a range of social issues today such as xenophobia, and the issue of homelessness. The father of Kate’s, he’s (Boris Isakovic), was a lawyer in his country, but he works as a taxi driver, one in London for the refugees from the countries of eastern europe.

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It is in the final stages of the film, however, is that the public begins to understand the nature of the relationship between Kate and Tom, and from this point on, the story gets all the elements that are typical of the headlines that are the Christmas season, not just as a backdrop but also as a kind of thematic. Here you go, with all the strength, and the concepts of renewal, of charity, of sympathy, the family and the fellowship that has driven all of the movies are christmas-themed.

The bottom line is that the title of the film, he won the Portuguese is unhappy with. In the original, “Last Christmas”, or “Last Christmas” gives a better overview of what is in the hatch and still remains at the top of another major character in the film, although it is not apparent: the soundtrack.


The film is in English, it is called the music of George Michael and Wham!, of the two, the artist has formed with Andrew Ridgeley in the early 1980s, it was not by chance. The entire soundtrack of the feature film is comprised of songs by Michael jackson, killed on Christmas day (25 December, 2016).

All of the important events in the life of a camp packed with songs, such as “Faith,” “Fastlove”, “Freedom 90,” among other hits. It’s impossible not to get into the rhythm of pop, swaying to the music on the other.

The idea is to use the music from Michael’s producer David Livingstone, a fan of the classic christmas “Happiness doesn’t Buy” (1946). He had the backing of cantor, who has made just one request: put Emma Thompson in the draft. The actor and screenwriter honored with the friend of a movie that appears to be simple, but it brings diversity, which Michael always held.

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