Emilia Clarke wows to meet with president Barack Obama


Emilia Clarke wows to meet with president Barack Obama - Reproduction/Instagram

Emilia Clarke, I wanted to share it with their followers and fans with an unforgettable experience of getting to know personally the ex-u.s. president Barack Obama, making the big dream come true.

The actress has never hidden his total admiration for the president, and he cried a lot when I finally got to meet him and exchange a handshake.

The encounter took place when the actress attended the event in the edition of Dreamforce, one of a series of lectures on the applications in which participate the leaders of the various fields of social and business, and this year had the participation of the People.

Clarke has published a few photos on social media.

In one of them, it appears to be very emotional talk with president Barack Obama, and he said:

“I met a hero of mine, and yes, tears were present, as well as my own terrible jokes;) @barackobama thank you for existing,” she wrote on Instagram.

She took the opportunity to invite the former first lady, first lady Michelle Obama to join them in the upcoming ‘animated conversation’.

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