Exitoína · Alexandra Daddario says that Meghan Markle has your workout routine


Alexandra Daddariowho was best known for her role in the movie Percy Jackson The thief of lightning, it revealed that the duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, estagou of your exercise routine.

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In an interview on the Late Late Show, she explained the reason for following the speaker, James Cordentouch on the subject.

“Is it true that Meghan Markle has your workout routine?”, she questioned it. “Yes, yes, it’s true. She came to New York last week and went to a place that is called the Way of Yoga, which is my favorite place to practice yoga,” he said.

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“Now that she’s been in there the whole world wants to go,” said Daddario. “The place is packed. Don’t you have more space.”

However, She admitted that he would not be angry to find that the duchess, while she was doing exercise. “And she would sweat on me…. I didn’t call you,” joked.

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