Exitoína · Bella Thorne will be starring in a sequence of The Baby-sitter of the Series


The Netflix it is producing a sequel to the movie The Weekendthat will count with the participation of the original cast, including Bella Throne.

++Bella Thorne will receive the award for directing the movie porn

The first film was released in the fall of 2017, and it shows the story of Cole’s (Judah Lewis), a young twelve-year-old who has just discovered that her baby sister, Bee (Samara Weaving), and belongs to a satanic cult as a teen. Your child will need to put your feelings for her aside, and escape, before it becomes the next sacrifice for the group.

++Bella Thorne he complained about the sexual abuse that he suffered when he was a Disney ‘I Was being molested as a very I followed him,’

The information was brought forward by the The Hollywood Reporter.

The screenplay was written by Dan Lagana, and the production will be taped in October. It is expected that the film will arrive on the streaming service in the year 2020.

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