Exitoína · Cara Delevingne displays and outputs the program to the prank video


The production will be for the new, streaming, Quibi, it’s only released in the US in April

Cara Delevingne it will be the main protagonist and also the producer of a new comedy series of pranks on the streaming platform Quibiin accordance with the Deadline.

In each episode of the show, who hasn’t had their name revealed to you, the model and actress, it will cause a lot of damage, and a good laugh with that taken in practice with a group of mates.

“I’m so excited to partner with a streaming service, revolutionary, such as the Quibi, and I can’t wait to unleash a few tricks are required,” said Delevingne, by means of a press release made available by the Deadline.

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The streaming platform Quibi comes to the north american market, it was not until April of the next year. In accordance with the Entertainment Weeklythe idea of the deck is to get people to the content faster, which is near the 10-minute and of high quality.

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