Exitoína · Halsey, to congratulate her boyfriend Evan Peters with a kiss, and the fans are reacting to the couple, social networking


Halsey, he used his social network on Monday afternoon (20th) to wish happy birthday to boyfriend Evan Peters, an actor well-known for participating in the series, kept clean sheets on American Horror Story.

A post that includes two pictures – one of them, they both appear to embrace, and on the other they appear to be the kiss, the owner of the hit With Me he wished a happy birthday to you as well sweet and heart-warming to your loved one. “Happy birthday to you, dear one. I can’t imagine a world without you in it,” said the artist of the past 25 years.

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Check it out, click below:

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This was one of the first times that the two will appear publicly on the social network as a couple. Above, photos from the paparazzi have confirmed the relationship between the two of you, and even rumors of a pregnancy have been identified.

In a little over an hour to post on Instagram have already surpassed more than 1 million of of of liking.

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For the social network, users are surprised to find out that the artists are dating, while others have expressed about the photo you posted. Check out some of the responses:

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