Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa might appear in the film land of the Flash, as the rest of the characters


Ezra Miller as the Flash (DC Publication)

In the world of the super heroes of the DC Comics that have already proved to be highly complex, especially due to the large number of land, and the characters are different, which often confuses a new generation of readers. In many of the stories in the comic books, the characters and the fans know it, is completely changed and each and every plot of your reason particular to you do it.

One of the most famous stories is that it is the Flashpoint, the event introduced a number of crossover (in million of 2011 Flashwhere in reality, the strange, the Superman is held hostage in captivity, and as Batman is the alter-ego of Thomas Wayne, and the Joker is carried out by the Martha Wayne. In between those events, the more strange it is to be a war between the kingdom of Themiscyra, Wonder Woman, and Atlantis, Aquaman.

And as we all know, the Flash will have a film of soil on the Warner Bros. any time soon, and the director of the feature, Andy Muschietti has warned that the Flashpoint is going to be in the present, but in a way that is different from what the public expects. According to the website We Got This Covered there is a desire for the DC to include in the film is the battle between the two heroes.

According to Grace Randolph, the opportunity to expect to be able to convince Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa to play alternate versions of their characters, as long as both parties agree with it. In the studio, on the movie land of the Flash, it makes perfect sense after that Justice league of americain 2007, the Flashpoint may be essential even to make a film in The series with Robert Pattinson, which is to be treated as a world apart, that it does not allow for the crossing of the heroes are already presented to the public two years ago. Could it be that they are going to try to insert a new Superman as well? In the movie, land of the Flash, starring Ezra Miller, is that you can win, including information from the Flashpoint is scheduled to release on the 01st of July, in the year 2022.