Guy Pearce shows you how to Robert Downey Jr. if you hurt her in Iron Man 3


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During the filming of the Iron man 3we learned that Robert Downey Jr. he had been hurt, which has led to a delay of up to six weeks for the production of the film. Further details have not been released, and fans were left wondering just how, exactly, the actor had been seriously injured. Guy Pearce it ended up with the mystery, revealing how it all went down.

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In a video reminiscing about her biggest roles Guy Pearce in the MCU he was Aldrich Killiansaid Robert Downey Jr. he refused to try out for the scene of action, falling awkwardly and breaking his ankle.

He had to make an scene of action where he had to jump from one platform to the other, and fastened in the cable. And they wanted him to ensaiassem it, but he said to them, ‘no, I don’t need to test it. Then he jumped up, and the guy who was holding on to the cable, I was not prepared for him, and he fell wrong and broke his ankle. So, the shoot was halted for five or six weeks.”

Lucky that it was not an accident of a more serious!


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