Hailee Steinfeld is manifested after rumors that it would be sent indirectly to the ex-Niall Horan


The diva’s Hailee Steinfeld was also the target of comments, controversial on Wednesday, and (2), and then to share with you a series of messages on her Instagram Stories of people who are either “narcissists” in the relationship. The publications of the american actress/singer, it was enough for his fans to infer that bassanio returns, if she is sending an indirect to Niall Horan, with whom the star had a novel in the past year.

The role of the “Leader” repostou a sentence in which the singer and Julia, Michaels has published on her Instagram, which read: “New Year’s resolution: no more dating a narcissist”. And Hailee has added her own caption on the postGod bless you @juliamichaels. Post it“.

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Hailee then repostou a few more texts in the service of Julia, including statements such as “narcissists are masters of manipulation” and – “they believe that they are entitled to every piece of attention from their partner, so they label anything as ‘selfish’“.

(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

A short time later, the actress responded to comments from fans, who took to their posts, such as a thickness of the ex. “Anything from a hidden message, and my loved ones. Just repostei is a worthwhile read and I’m sure some of you can relate to. Nothing but love!!!“ she wrote on Twitter, before sharing the message of the Stories.

As we, the People magazine has confirmed in the past month have you Hailee, and Niall had done the same in the relationship. Neither of them had ever confirmed that they were together, but in August, At the and Hailee were caught kissing in Los Angeles. The rumors that the singer and the actress were leaving they started in February of 2018 at the latest, when the couple enjoyed a concert by the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas.

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According to a source from E! News, the couple was no longer together for some time to come. “They were sturdy and strong in the summer, but that ended a few months ago and have been trying to let down. Hailee to realize that I had a lot of stuff associated with it, and his schedule was insanely full, ” he said.

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