Hailee Steinfeld launches the music video for the soundtrack of the tv series, the-see “the Afterlife”


September 30, 2019, for The first year to Liu.

On Monday (30/09), Hailee Steinfeld he released the video for the song “The Afterlife”. The track is part of the soundtrack of the seriesDickinson”who has a premiere scheduled for the 1st of November. It is worth mentioning that the singer and actress is acting as the main character, and it is also the company’s executive.

Check out this clip:

In an interview with the program Beats 1the Apple’s Music, Hailee he revealed that work on the series, which inspired him to write his next musical. The release date of this material for the next year.

In addition to this, she said, “The Afterlife” it is one of the favorite songs you’ve worked on. And he explains why:

“There is a phrase in the song that says: “The fact that it is a blessing in it’, and it reminded me of many of the poems of Emily Dickinson. She lived during a time in which women were not allowed to express their opinions, so the majority of his work was not published until after her death. The inability to express oneself fully in life, and to be as revered in addition to of his death, his writings continue to be remembered and relevant even today, and become immortal”said the singer.

The disclosure of this clip

Hailee Steinfeld he used his Instagram for the promotion of the music video for “Afterlife,” and the series “Dickinson’s manuscripts”. A post-happy, proud, and she barely waits for you all to see the results of their work. Check out the article below:

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The video is RELEASED it is already out there! This band has become one of my favorite songs I’ve worked on, and it is part of a series (DICKINSON), which were really proud of. I wanted this video to reflect the theme of the program, and the poetry of Emily. I am very excited to finally share it with you all, and I can’t wait for the program to be launched on the 1st of November, so that everyone can see for themselves.”