Hailee Steinfeld reveals the status of his new album


As a star on the silver screen with “Character”, Hailee Steinfeld is following off of the release of the first album of his career. Since the fall of 2017, she released singles such as “Most Girls,” and “Let Me Go”, but the project never came out. In fact, the idea was that it would be released this year, but it ended up being pushed back. This is what she has revealed in an interview with the New York Times.

“Time is a funny thing when it comes to these things. I had every intention of putting out an album this year, but for this film to happen, and this is the program that I am currently working with Apple in the so-called ‘Dickinson’ came on to the scene as well. I’m going to finish up at the end of January and into February, I will like what I did with the song, and then I will drive them out. I don’t have a body of musical work for three years. So, I feel I am very lucky that my fans have been so patient, and they chose to continue to listen to it all,” he said.

Today, she released the single “Back to Life”, the soundtrack to the movie the current one.

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