Halsey throws the album, written during a crisis in the mental pole; listen to “Manic”


The american singer Halsey (PHOTO: Playback)

Halsey, released on Friday (January 17), the new album, “Manic”, which is the third album of his career. And although it does discuss sensitive issues such as mental health, the project is not as dense as most of the people you can think of, has revealed the singer.

I guess I have this expectation that all of my music needs to be eerie, cinematic, angry, and aggressive. I was hired in to this role of a tough, and at times it can be exhausting. At the time, I find myself in the studio, and I’ve got a song, very cute, and I’m like, ‘I can’t put it to the side. For the people who want to listen to me sing with your middle finger in the air’. I think that I am expressing my anxiety in a different way. This album is a highly-continuation”, she explained to the artist’s work.

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Halsey, ever came to be admitted to the hospital two times for her bipolar disorder and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that she wrote much of the album during a crisis of mental well-being. “[É] hip-hop, rock, country, little, if anything, because it’s such a freak”she told the magazine. “I felt a strong desire to do so; there is no reason for me to not be able to.”

The artist described the state of mania, mental “oh, that thing in the back of our minds that leads us to the thoughts of freedom. Like when you’re at the top of a building, and you’re like, ‘what if I jump?’” said Halsey. “You are controlled by these impulses, rather than reason and logic.”

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It is worth noting that in Halsey, released on the delicate “the Nightmare”, which is followed by a video-heavy, but the album carries a grip that is different, so much so that the music was not coming in at the end. The album includes the hit singles “Without Me”, “Graveyard”, and ” You “should” be sad”. Among the 16 songs, there is a partnership with the Found Festival, Alanis Morissette, and Attaches to the BTS skytrain station.

Listen to it below: