Henry Cavill and actors who have been the victims of very bad special effects


The technology of computer graphics has allowed the theater to create special effects on the incredible. Multiple photorealistic images that are created with this type of technology have produced a series of works such as the jungle book and The Boy, the Wolf, The Adventures of Pi and the school Senhos of the Rings.

However, it is not always at the computer graphics have been used in the right way in the movies, and sometimes, there are works that give a shame for any professional in the field. The funny thing, though, is when the effect is applied to the face of some of the actors and making them unrecognizable, due to the very bad special effects.

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We have listed below the 7 superstars who have gone through embarrassing situations in the screens of the movie because of the misuse of the computer graphics.

Ciarán Hinds (the Justice League)

Those who have seen Hinds in the series that Game of Thrones certainly didn’t recognize the voice actor in the Justice League, a film in which he plays the villain, a Wolf of the Steppes. Although the achievements of the villain is not the worst of it, they ended up changing so much of the actor’s face, it was impossible to recognize them in any way.

Henry Cavill (the Justice League)

As well as the Hinds, Henry Cavill has been twisted beyond recognition in the Justice League of america. Part of the reason, however, is very different, and it is well-known to many; and the opportunity had to delete the mustache, the actor, who at the time of the refilmagens’s a long one, I was recording the Mission Impossible 6. In the result it became a running joke for many fans.

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Jamie Bell (The Fantastic Four)

The team of the Fantastic four has done an outstanding result in the hiding of the face of the actor Jamie Bell in the film. However, the effect of the Thing, played by Bell, is not convinced.

Eric Bana (“The Hulk”)

You many not have noticed, but “the Hulk” director Ang Lee used himself, actor Eric Bana in order to face the giant emerald, as well as your face will be used as the basis for the monstrous hero. Unfortunately, the effect of the time left on the Hulk, so bizarre, that it was impossible to realize in the face of a Ban on the character.

Ahmed Best (“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)

The Best was the interpreter of Jar Jar Binks, a character more hated in the Star Wars saga. The actor’s face has been completely covered by CGI, for the time, but it’s still so Binks he was, with an appearance in the garden.

Dwayne The Rock ” Johnson (The Mummy returns)

At the time of the production of The Mummy returns, the technology of computer graphics was not as sophisticated as it is today. This may explain the fact that the Rock has been so strange in his role on the long time.

Jeff Bridges (Tron: Legacy)

In Tron: Legacy, Disney has tried to revive the actor, Jeff Bridges. In the meantime, the technology of the studio, I wasn’t as advanced as it is today, to the point where you rebuild completely for his films in the Star Wars: clone Wars. In this way, the Bridge in the movie, he was like a figure of wax.

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