Henry Cavill leaves Superman to interpret it another great? Find out


Henry Cavill during the training, to live with the Superman (Movie)

After making three films with the actor Henry Cavill you can give it to just the character in the Universe is Extended in the DC, the character (and the actor has told in the interview that I would return to live with Clark Kent, but the plans of the Warner’s are still uncertain as to the character).

Even with some of the rumors that he might return to play the Man of Steel in the reboot of the Justice League of america, the star seems to be more concerned with the The Witcherseries , the Series, which he did, and it became an instant hit when released for the platform in December of last year. Now, new rumors emerge about a new way of the leading man, but in the competition.

According to the Youtube video of The Quartening, Henry Cavill would sign a new contract with Marvel in order to give life to none other than Wolverine, a character the most famous of the X-Men, up until then inhabited by Hugh Jackman, who died in Tofilm the end of 2016. In the possession of the Fox, the former owner of the rights to the character to Marvel Studios/ Disney, you can insert the character into the MCU (the Universe of Film from the Marvel comics).

The Youtube channel says that Cavill will consider the changing of a participation in the Captain Marvel 2. And this has been borne out in the video due to the fact Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios, will also be in the leading publications of the publishing house, and announce, recently, that the character be in the comic’s heroine, which will be released in April. So far, nothing to connect the name of the ‘witch’ of the Series.

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In the past year, it has been reported that Henry Cavill had to have a meeting with the company’s executives to plead for a piece of paper, and it was later said that the studio was keeping an eye on him, to interpret for the Captain in the Uk. None of the information has been officially confirmed by the company, but with the fans on social networks were not happy at all, as if that is so, it is possible for you and Captain Marvel is off in his own movie, or they don’t trust you enough to be a successful stream so add some weight to Cavill, in particular by having recourse to the character, it would have to be re-created.