Here’s the 47 clips that were released on the weekend



By the end of the week is upon us and with it, our superlista a weekly video clip. At this time, we put together 47 videos for you to enjoy.

Among the highlights of the national, a book Bandolier with clips from the “110v” and “220v”, But the Soda in with the dark “run for your life!”, Wild the Search for the Law of the reflexive, “Deja Vu”, and “Block ” Private,” for I, the Composer, and Clara Valverde.

And in ireland, it has and Demi Lovato battling it in the “I Love Me” Video, and Anuel AA on the colored “Me Gusta”, The Weeknd with a short film, “After Hours,” and Katy Perry’s revealing her pregnancy on the “Never Worn White.

Check out also the productions of Drake and Meghan Thee Stallion, Morat, 6ok, Bad Bunny, J Santiago, Alec Benjamin, Cold, Giovana, BTS, Ali Gatie, PVRIS, Roddy Ricch, Echosmith, People, Take, Costa, HAIM, Biya, Bazzi, and much, much more.

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47. Alec Benjamin – “The Book of the ” You & I”

46. Aydê – “Let It Happen”

45. Biya – “Fancy”

44. Raillow – “JULIA”

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43. Giovanna – “he Grabs Me and will Not let Loose”

42. Paulina Goto – Dash Warns You”

41. Dk47, by Cynthia’s Light, a Shaman – “a Samurai without a Master”

40. Bad Bunny – “Pero Ya No”

39. The NCT 127 – “Kick It”

38. Cold – “It Makes The Queue A Freestyle”

37. Bazzi – “Young & Alive”

36. J Santiago, ft-Derek – “the Studio”

35. Love This – “Far Out”

34. Kayuá – “Well, Before the Funeral”

33. Lyria – The “Last Battle”

32. There Gatie – “What If I Told You That I Love You!”

31. Machine Gun Kelly – “why are you here”

30. Swae Lee, “Someone Said,”

29. Bad Bunny ft Duki, Pablo’s point of view And “Hablamos Mañana”

28. Loyal and New-Wes – “I don’t Know”

27. Echosmith – “Everyone Cries”

26. Drake – “When To Say When & Chicago, To Later”

25. PVRIS – “Dead Weight”

24. Bad Bunny – “It’s Hard”

23. Grouplove – “Youth”

22. According To The Report – “Sweatpants”

21. All We Are – “The Bad Advice”

20. Fickle Friends – “Eats Me Up”

19. HAIM – “The Way up”

18. Old Dog – “Down The Road”

17. Morat – “In The End”

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16. Bianca Costa – “Mi Vida”

15. Katy Perry – “Never Worn White

14. 6ok, ft, OT – DRIVE IT?”

13. BTS – “the Black Swan”

12. I, the Composer, and Clara Valverde – Block “Private”

11. Meghan Thee Stallion – “B. I. T. C. H.”

10. Art – “The Dive”

8. Bad Bunny – “Si Veo a Tu Mamá”

7. Roddy Ricch – “The Box”

6. The wild in Search of Law, “Deja-Vu”

5. The Weeknd – “The After Hours”

4. But The Soda – “Run For Your Life!”

3. She, Anuel AA – “Me Gusta”

1. Demi Lovato – “I Love Me”