Hero! Leonardo DiCaprio’s save-the-life-of-man-in-the Caribbean


It could be the plot of a movie, but in the real world. The People’s claims on Thursday, the 9th, Leonardo DiCaprio saved the life of a man, in the Caribbean.

The man fell off a yacht and Leonardo DiCaprio was soon to the rescue. The actor used his ship to search for the victim, and pull him out of the water.

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In the event, however, it came to pass at the end of 2019 at the latest. The magazine claims that the whole situation that happened on the 30th of December, on the St. Bart.

The star was enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend, Camila Morrone and a group of friends.

The magazine tells us that the boat that Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one to look at the man in the area. An hour later, the sun set and the heavy rain, he was able to see her.

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In accordance with the motor vehicle, and the man had lived for 11 hours in the water before being found out by Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Leo and his friends, and the captain decided to take part in the search, and the efforts that saved the life of a man. The crew of the boat, he was more than happy to help, even more so when they brought the man to safety,” says the publication.

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The Sun says that the man fell off of the yacht on which he was working. The victim would have reported that “it was a dream come true to have been saved by one of the most famous actors in the world.”

Leonardo DiCaprio has not yet commented on the situation.