“He’s a strong guy”


Arnold Schwarzenegger he was the guest presenter at the Jimmy Kimmel on the evening of last Monday (the 28th). During the conversation, he talked a little bit about your relationship with Chris Prattthe husband of his daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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And Pratt has earned the father-in-law, who is a legend in the works, in a different way-at the fitness center. But the job was not an easy one.

“I was very impressed when my daughter told me that she was going out with him,” said Arnold. “I say to myself, ‘You have to be so competitive? You need to date a guy bigger than me? They are making the movies bigger than mine?'”.

The story started to change a little bit when the two finally met each other.

“It is, of course, that’s the first time I met him, he said, ‘we Can work out together one day? Do I need to know all of your secrets’. So I took it back [Chris] even at the gym. He’s a strong guy, it is impossible to deny.”

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Now, they get along very well. “I’m proud of it. When I saw him doing exercises in the gym, I knew that he would be dating my daughter,” he said at the time.

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