In a string bikini, Britney spears, Britney does stunt underwater after the controversy


Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Movie)

The singer Britney Spears tends to bring a lot of originality and light-heartedness in your post. At this time, the famous has posted a video on doing a lot of stunts in the pool, or just a string bikini.

In the video, he had a blast the fans are elated, as she is still causing controversy and splitting opinions. With more than 5 million comments, the reactions, as the ‘Goddess of Pop’, and ‘I Love vc’ has been common in the post.

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What’s more, the videos are fun and so are now a part of the Instagram of the year”. Recently, caused by dancing with a classic French and those huge breasts of the famous they stole the whole scene.

However, not all the news involving the princess of pop is positive. In fact, it is always a cause of controversy, with a disturbed relationship with his father, and with your kids, His and Sean. She would have lost custody of their children.