In the new audio, his Wife, is humiliated by Amber Heard, and he comments, “You’re killing me”


Further, a pump is the ratio of explosive between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who split up officially in the 2016 olympics, has just been published by the Daily Mail. The newspaper has had access to the audio of a telephone conversation of the ex-couple.

The record has a total of 30 minutes, and then, the newspaper has not yet revealed how he was able to. The new audio provides an overview of stress among the famous ways such as the ex-couple had a relationship that toxic.

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On the audio front (see here), and Amber Heard, best known for Aquaman, ” he admitted assaulting his Wife. Right now, the character before the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean, claiming that no-one would have believed in the story of a man being a victim of domestic violence.

In the first section, Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp should be taken away so easily. By the looks of it in the day of Tempest, until hope’s ex-husband.

“Tell it to the world, who was to tell it to you all. I, his Wife, to a man, and I am also a victim of domestic violence’. Find out how many people are going to believe it, or you will be on your side. You are bigger and stronger. I am a woman, 52 Lbs, then you are going to the court, Was to say, ‘she started it’? Are you serious?”, says She Heard it, after listening to the actor to indicate that you are going to accuse her of the crime.

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The artist continues giving the right a victory in the courts. “There will be a jury and a judge and they will see that there is a big difference between the two of us,” says the still-famous.

By the year 2016, with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have signed an agreement for a divorce, which is not would comment on anything that happened at the wedding with them. In the process, he also donated$ 7 million to the children’s hospital of Los Angeles.

The donation was a way to get rid of the accusations of domestic violence made by Amber Heard.

Soon after, however, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean, has started a lawsuit against Amber Heard. In the year 2018, the actress has written an article in the Washington Post about the issue of domestic violence. Without even a mention of Johnny Depp, it appears that the artist is the man in the text.

The player asks for a US$ 50 million in damages. The famous, yet he declares that he lost the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, on account of the charges of the Amber Heard.

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In the recording, the Daily Mail says his Wife cries out so that the famous ” stop making accusations in public.

“You’re killing me, p****. The p***** for the people that are trying to kill me. You have turned me into a… my son goes to the school, and the kids keep asking, ‘so, your father is an abuser of women?’”, he comments on the actor.

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The recording ends with Amber Heard, insisting that his Wife to pay US$ 7 million). For the audio, it would be the end of the wedding, the actors, and at the end of 2016.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard still did not speak. The actress even made a post on Instagram by bypassing completely the issue (see here).