It has new music from Halsey, Louis Tomlinson, Meghan Trainor, and more!!!


Anitta, Vitão, The 1975 and the Bibi Tattoo has also launched a new music

Friday came, full of the latest news in the world of the music!!! In addition to the clip, amazing What a Man’s Gotta Doof the Jonas Brothers, and the album titles from Mac Miller Circlesalso had postings in Halsey, Louis Tomlinson, Meghan Trainor, Anitta, and many, many others. Take a look at it!

Louis Tomlinson released Wallsmusic , which has given its name to the album, which arrives on the 31st of January. In the song, he talks about how to deal with the challenges of life. All indications are that the new design is going to be a very personal, isn’t he?

You know who else is going to release the album on January 31? Meghan Trainor! While Treat Myself don’t go out, we can go on listening to the soft Namein which she asks the pro to wink or blink, so that they will be able to take advantage of every moment together.

The carnival’s coming soon, and tals, and it is clear that the Anitta I was not going to get out of it, right? This time, she participates in the person’s DJ Gabriel do Borel, Play it for your Filly. Look at the corny funk, then, first look!

You want the most? Bring it on! The The 1975 revealed on the evening of Thursday the 16th), the music Me & You-Together ‘ Songin which they talk about falling in love with a friend of mine. Those who never have, have you? The track is a part of the band’s next album, Notes On The Conditional Form Ofthat debuts on the 24th of April.

Now, let’s go to the release of a new album! Halsey finally gave it to the fans Manicthe third disc. The project is well on the interior, and, as she talks about the emotional upheavals that you may experience and how she learned to love herself when in a relationship. The mix of styles and sounds? We have it!

Among the brazilians, it was the turn of the Vitão the release of his first disc, Gold. “It was done with such warmth, feeling, and soul. I wish that it could have an effect on the hearts of the people, in a way, very exciting,” said the singer. The work offers a partner with us as a DAY of Hodari, he explained, Feid, and Anitta.

The people, and the Bibi Tattoothat apart, complete with video games, you also sing?! As it is, a youtuber has released its first EP, Half-Waythis Friday (the 17th). The job is all of the music, and it was produced by the studio, Midas, of Rick Bonadio. This month, Bibi has already done with their first story. It is in São Paulo, on the 25th and 26th of January, in the theater, the Morumbi Shopping center, and in Campinas, brazil on Sunday, 15 February at teatro Iguatemi Shopping mall.

So, what is your release of choice?