Jason Momoa turns into Ozzy Osbourne, to clip; to see the transformation


Play/YouTubeThe clip of the ‘Scary Little Green Men,’ are still to be announced officially

Jason Momoa is a fan made in metal, and he was the one chosen to live with none other than Ozzy Osbourne at the upcoming video for the singer.

A video of the transformation of the interpreter’s “the Tempest” at the Prince of Darkness, was released on Thursday (27) in the social network to Win.

The track “Scary ” Little Green Men” we still haven’t had the clip to be announced, but the behind-the-scenes, we already know that Momoa dublará Win. To this end, he has come to complete make-up, nails painted with black rings, leather goods and even a bat to play a part in the production.

Even though it is the first music video written by Momoa, this is not his first venture into the rock ‘ n ‘ roll. In the past year, he was part of the show, the last Slayer, and is the first “Panther,” with Phil Anselmo.

Here’s the video:

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