Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be dead,” said Harvey Weinstein, according to the web site


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Harvey Weinstein, 67, would have suggested that Jennifer Aniston, 51, was supposed to be dead, to be made aware of that in the handout the american or the National Enquirer wanted to post a complaint, saying that she was harassed sexually by a former producer in the. The news item was published on Tuesday (10), by Page Six.

According to the website, the information contained in the e-mails that were exchanged between mr. Weinstein and his spokesman, and that they were kept under the seal of secrecy on the u.s. Supreme Court in Manhattan. This Wednesday (the 11th), must be proclaimed by the decision of the former producer, who was one of the most powerful in the film industry.

On the 24th of February, a jury of seven men and five women convicted mr. Weinstein, in two of the five allegations against him of sexual abuse and sexual assault. And cleared him of the more serious behavior of sexual predators, who could carry him to prison for life.

The charges against mr. Weinstein has served as a trigger for the MeToo, which is encouraged by the dozens of women took to the public to talk about sexual harassment they have experienced.

Two of these cases resulted in a ruling that simpson could face in the fourth, that of Simon Mann, who accused him of raping her in a hotel in 2013, and the Next to his Wife, who reported having practiced oral sex on her to force in in 2006.

It was in the middle of the height of the flood of reports about the #MeToo on October 31, 2017 Sallie as well as the spokesperson of what was then the producer, sent out an e-mail asking him if he knew about the alleged complaint, that the Taxes would involve the name of Aniston.

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In an exchange of e-mail messages, according to Page Six, the information that the tabloid will publish the news that she had confided to a friend that, during the production of the film “Out of the Way” (2005), And Career a hit on sexually, and then press the actress on the back and a “grab your butt”.

In addition, according to the web site, Aniston was also uncomfortable, because in the course of the year, and the ex-producers are often looking to the neckline of her and moved around the mouth. The american journal citing even one source close to the actress said that it was “a drop in a huge, for her, and talked constantly about how she was hot”.

According to Page Six, approximately 45 minutes after receiving the e-mail from his spokesman, mr. Weinstein has used his iPhone to send to as well as a short answer, and brief: “Jen Aniston was supposed to be dead.”

The allegation of sexual abuse has never been published by a tabloid. Stephen Huvane, a spokesman for the actress said that she has never been harassed or abused by an ex-dairy farmer.
“He never got close enough to touch her, and she had never been alone with him,” said Huvane.

In the past year, in an interview with Variety magazine, Aniston said that mr. Weinstein was rude at a dinner for the launch of the film ‘Out of the Way”.

“I remember I was sitting at the dinner table, completing the song [Owen]and our producer and friend of mine were sitting with me. And he literally came to the table and I said to my friend, ‘get up!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God’. And then my friend got up and moved on, and Harvey sat down in the car. It was precisely this level of behaviour is rude,” said the actress.

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In the same interview, she also claimed that Weinstein attempted to intimidate her to wear a dress designed by his then-wife, Georgina Chapman, the show’s over, but she refused.

Source: The Leaf Press