Just like Angelina, and Brad Pitt, has also found love… and there are pictures! World


This week, it was revealed that Angelina Jolie might be like to live a romance in secret, with Bradley Cooper, far away from the city and the planet. The two have been spotted in a climate of complicity and passion for Disneyland, a few days ago.
Right now, it’s time for the ex-husband of Angelina, Brad Pitt, to be in the news to be once again in love.
The actor of ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’, the 56-year-old has been dating the actress Alia Shawkat, 30who recently took part in a series of ‘Arrested Development’. One of these meetings, and in one of the bars in the Los Angeles area, he was caught by the photographers

Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt together at a bar in Los Angeles

According to the us press, the Pitt is the lead in the relationship, “cool”, but the two of them they have spent more and more time together.

“They love it and spend most of their time together than people think,” said a source from the ‘In Touch’, adding that Pitt has told friends that Shawkat “it is one of the most interesting people you’ve met in the last days“.

Pitt and Shawkat began to get closer at the end of September of the previous year.

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