Justin Bieber’s nail the part on David Beckham’s TV show


David Beckham could not find a way to pose for a couple of minutes to take a hell of a fright in theEllen Degeneres Showpresented by Ellen Degeneres. The former football player was aparavorado when Justin Bieber out of the box, loving every second of it, and in the middle of the interview.

Before you ask, She asked what He would tell you about the one Halloween that he’s, Victoria’s and the children’s aacabaram at the door of the house of the singer to ask you the traditional sweets of the festival. The English began the answer by saying that the whole family is following Bieber on Instagram, which is “all of the fans who love him.

“They said, ‘dad, you do not get in touch with him? Here we go, you are who you are’. So, I sent a message to him, which he returned in the second. It came to pass that we were literally just a few minutes away from the house, so we went straight there,” said the player.

A scene of the program-Photo: EllenTube
A scene of the program-Photo: EllenTube

Ellen then said that the kids, Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz is such a fan of the singer, that is, before Harper was born, they wanted to give it to you, if the baby was a boy was a Teen; if it is a girl, Justine. There, then, that Bieber’s out of the box and allows the athlete to estupefado.

“I’m sorry, they made me do it. I’ve got to go,” said Bieber before you exit.