Kanye West claims that major record labels forbid the artists to talk about Jesus, the 09/02/2020


Rapper Kanye West has moved to the line art and transformed their songs into the kind of worship music, has already testified that he received a call from God, to be admitted to the hospital come on stream in 2016, after a tour of Saint Paul. Right now, he’s back to talking about religion and he stated that the record did not permit the artists to speak in the name of Jesus christ.

“The demon has possessed all of the producers, the musicians, the designers, and then for the singer, he changed “they have contracts, that say:” you can’t talk about the lord Jesus christ. This information has been published at the website of the tv channel to the american CBS, followed by a post on Instagram with a video of this statement.

The rapper also added that people are looking for a studio to yell out the name of the lord Jesus. In another demonstration of faith and a new sense of direction in life, and Said that when he said that God is better than mine.

The singer took a u-turn in life, and said that God has called, on several occasions, but it has never been serviced. But, since the hospital is in Los Angeles for the mental breakdown to come on stream in 2016, he told me that he understood the message of god. From this episode, it went on to give a testimony.