Kanye West says the record labels prohibit the artists in the name of Jesus


According to the rapper Kanye West, a lot of record companies have contracts that prohibit their artists to speak out about Jesus.

The statement came during the presentation of the Sunday Service in THIS Church, in Miami, fl (united states), where the singer has said that many of the artists who worked on their albums, and gospel (“Jesus is King” and “Jesus Is Born”) was pleased to declare, in the name of Jesus christ.

“They’ve got contracts out there that say, ‘you can’t say Jesus. When we were working on this album, and people would come to the studio, only to say the word ‘Jesus’ as loud as they wanted,” said the singer.

The West is also criticized for the unbridled pursuit of fame, accepting the contract that they buy the souls of the artists.

“The devil took him to all the producers, musicians, and designers. He moved to Hollywood, and took us to New York city. Chasing statues-of-gold. Literally signing a contract and selling our souls,” he said.