Karen Gillan reveals a desire to star in the film the main article:


Loved by the fans Jumanji, Doctor Who and USING, Karen Gillan do you want to expand your horizons into the pop culture, with a character of the famous: main article:. Asked by I what is the other character in the fiction she wanted to play she didn’t have to go too far before you tell the guards at the Police as your first choice, check out the 9 minutes in the video above.

It would be very nice to her, she is legendary. And the woman!” joked Gillan, who also has to go to the movie, land of Barbara Gordon. “It would be the perfect project for it [comandar um filme inspirado em quadrinhos]”. As a director, a star of the Upcoming Deadline the new film from the Jumanji he has worked on four shorts and a long The Party”s Just the Beginningpraised by the critics.

In spite of the game, in the interest of the Left by the Girl the World is not random. According to the actress, her favorite movie inspired by a comic book that is Batman: The Dark Knightof Christopher Nolan. “I love how it has been addressed, I would like very much to work with in this universe [do Batman]” said the scottish-born prior of the mean of the DC it is waiting for a connection.

[Atualização 17/01] One of the writers for the most longevity of the The birds-of-Prey and Main article:, Gail Simone provided support for a possible line-up of Gillan as Barbara Gordon. According to the writer, who revived the character for the The new 52the actress Jumanji that would be “rock“on paper, check it out:

As one of the writers who over time have worked in the League, and I support it completely on the line-up for Karen Gillan as Batgirl. It would tear apart as the English. And to put it to Cass [Cassandra Cain, conhecida como Órfã e, canônicamente, a terceira Batgirl das HQs] there, in the middle of

Cassandra Cain, who will be making his debut in the Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and Her Emancipation is Fantabulosait became the third Batgirl in the DC, and replacing it with Barbara and Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress. Now wearing the mantle of a Captain, the character will be experienced by the She’s Jay Of The Basque Country. [Fim da atualização]

In Brazil to promote the world premiere of Jumanji: The Next Phasewhich comes to cinemas this Thursday (16), Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, has given an exclusive interview to the OmeleTV check it out at the top of the page.