Kate Beckinsale forced to leave their home in California because of the flames



The actress had to leave the house at around 03h.

Actress Kate Beckinsale was forced to leave his home in California, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, due to the fire affecting the whole of the State, especially in the county of Sonoma, and called on the governor to launch a state of emergency. The actress has made a publication on Instagram, where she thanked all those who helped her and cared about her well-being.

“We’re fine. Thank you so much to all the people who cared for. Sending you love and hope to all the people who had to get out of the house to the 03h00h to do this,” he began by writing Beckinsale. The actress thanked her still, David and Dorothy, two of the people who thought, during the whole of the situation is that this does not lead to it, and to help him.

In addition to this, the actress agredeceu to all of those who gave him a house, “even though I have four pets, including a cat with epilepsy,” you can read it yourself in the post. “You are a few weeks. Grateful to you,” he concludes, share a picture of the fire.

The more than 200-thousand people have been forced to leave his home on Tuesday in California, due to the spread of the fire. The star of NBA, LeBron James, and the actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be among the people who have been forced to flee their homes.

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