Katy-Perry-promises-singing to the plants of prince Charles and 05/02/2020


Katy Perry has promised to sing to the plants of prince Charles, later to become an ambassador for the British Asian Trust (BAT), an institution that fights the trafficking of children, and it was founded by a member of the british royalty.

While making the announcement yesterday in London-Katy Perry has revealed a conversation he had with the prince a few moments before the event’s of the nominating committee.

“I’m excited to be here, because I’m a huge fan of his royal highness, and to all of the work that he has done and is still doing, especially in Indian children. In my own personal experience, he has an old soul, incredibly kind. So sweet that, yes, sometimes he talks to his plants. And he asked me if I could sing it to your plants. And I’m going to, in the future, you have my word, sir,” he said.

Richard Hawkes, chief executive of BAT, said he was happy for Perry to be joined by the organization, as it is a great star of the global mass” that will make more people aware of their work.

Katy Perry, the 35-year-old is a goodwill ambassador for the Unicef fund for children in the Organization of the United Nations, she met the heir to the british throne, in a meeting of the supporters and trustees of the Trust, in Mumbai, india, in November last year, during a visit to India.

The institute, which was founded by the crown prince and senior business leaders that british asians, in 2007, to fight poverty, inequality, and injustice in south Asia reported that an estimated 5.8 million children are in forced labour in India, and many are working 15-hour-per-day.

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*According to Reuters