Kendall Jenner reveals why the family is the most good-looking


Nascer in the clan O Effects you can encourage a love for fashion and the the spotlight at a very young age. In the field, to the North-West, the first of her O and He The West seems to be the one that stands out the most amongst the children of the family. It was her aunt Kendall Effects those who have spoken.

Speaking to E! The News on Tuesday, the model revealed that out of all the nieces and nephews, and the North six-year-old is the most stylish“.

“I’ve got to say, in the North, because she picks the clothes, he likes to combine the pieces, and things that no-one can imagine. She is very good at it,” he said, adding that in the North it is the main thing that stands out because the rest of the kids are still “too small”.

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