Kevin Hart breaks silence about the car accident


Kevin Hart spoke for the first time in public about the car accident in which you have been involved with in the last year September. The the actor he was injured when his friend, Jared Black, who was at the wheel of a car, and his wife, Rebecca, Broxtermanlosing control of the vehicle.

So much for Hart as a Black, were left with serious injuries to his back, and the the actor it was submitted to, and including, the procedures are carried out.

On Thursday, the 10th, it was revealed in the report of the accident, it was determined that this was caused by an acceleration to a sudden onset of the driver. The same is true even states that Blac I was not under the influence of the alcohol alcohol or drugs, adding that nobody was wearing a seat belt.

In a statement sent by his lawyer, Andrew BrettlerHart broke the silence. “I wish Jared and Rebecca’s for a quick recovery, he said. On the other hand, the lawyer also added that Kevin is planning to go back this year to work a full-time basis.

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