Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black’s adventure in the ‘Jumanji’ – Review


On the poster in the movie theaters, “Jumanji – the Next Phase”, in this way, as in the previous film, to recover the spirit, the spirit of intrigue, of adventure, of fantasy, it’s very common in the 80’s, in which the boys on the common, had a chance to go through amazing worlds, becoming a sort of super-hero.

The director is Jake Kasdan, son of Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter of blockbusters from that era, like “The Empire Strikes back” and “raiders of the Lost Ark, hit the continue to focus on the story of the friendship of four teenagers who go into the game in the title.

And he added a couple of ex-friends, septuagenários composed by Danny DeVitto and Danny Glover, it will also help to broaden the scope of the mood of the film before, based on the different characters of the quartet (the weak, the strong, the intelligent, the beautiful”). Right now, the games age learn.

The main change is in the “Jumanji – welcome to the Jungle” is what the young people do not use the same avatar. The fun is in seeing the strong, Fridge in the role of the scientist in the game (Black Jack), as his grandfather Spencer gets in the body, it was his grandson, dr. Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson).


In spite of the reason you have to go back to the Jumanji to be a very weak (and that also was the case in the adventures of fantasy’s four-decades-old), and some of the jokes are politically incorrect, involving the old-age and foreign nationals, “the Next Phase” of fun, especially after a half-hour late.

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In the fast-paced action takes the scene to the actors, who seem to like to imitate the faces and ways of talking about others (in this case, the version that is labeled is preferred). The special effects are simple, and in order to assist in the telling of the story, which is becoming rare these days.