Kevin Hart sued by R$ 245 million plan to gravao de towards the sexual


The documents say that ” Kevin Hart, has authorized the entry of his friend JT Jackson, in an interview at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

PHOTO: James Gourley/Getty Images

Kevin Hart is being sued by Montia Sabbag, for having conspired with a friend to save her towards the sex with the wife in the fall of 2017, in a hotel. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the process 60 milhes de dlares, about 245 milhes de reais on the cotao this Monday (the 16th).

The woman alleges that Hart and his friend JT Jackson, who j has been arrested for the robbery, agreed to the plan, and that the comedian wanted to get more of a spotlight to speak about their turn-of-comedy-stand-up.

The documents state that Hart has authorized the entry of Jackson, in their interview at the Cosmopolitan Hotel for him to hide a camera in in in local. He was accused of the robbery to get money[tokeepthesextapeunderwrapsHerefusedtobeextortedfortheplayerHarthasrepeatedlydeniedhavingknowledgeofthegravaoHeclaimedthattheconferencewasavtimaoftheattemptedrobberyofmrJackson

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