Kim Kardashian gets unusual gift from the GROUP of


Kim Kardashian surprised her fans by means of Instagram. The patients received a “treat” unusual in the GROUP. You read that right. The company is famous for its buckets of fried chicken, ordered for the wife of Kanye West in a pair of Crocs, customized to the theme of the food.

“I woke up this morning with a delivery of Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]that is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs,” said she, while the shot of the shoes, the bizarre, in the last Thursday (5).

With a replica of fried chicken on top of the shoe follows the classic design, however, will have a high-heeled platform high up in the colors of the tag GROUP. In addition, it comes with a sticker warning you that the chicken in the shoe, they are not edible. A good warning!

Kim also spoke about the action behind the scenes, spreading the word of the new product in the franchise is that it is done on the base of the plant.

“They are introducing a new chicken for Beyond Meat, and now that they have I don’t know about the chicken meat, because I always choose to be vegan when I’m at home. I went out and ate at the Kentucky Fried Chicken recently and it was amazing!! But I don’t really like meat all the time, so it’s awesome that they are partnering with Beyond Meat for chicken and no meat.”

The talent in the family

The time has come for the North West, put your talent towards the outside. The eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little girl for six years and let go of the voice during the fashion show of the brand Yeezy, run by the rapper, which was held at the Fashion Week in Paris, france.

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While the models dance in the new model of shoes from ring road, North sing the remix of the rap song ” What I Do? written by the artist’s home in the ZaZa, which contains a few snippets such as “I will never do bad things/I Walk on the street, what is it?/I’ve got new shoes and they’re very cute.”